Outdoor String Lighting at Talbot Country Club in Easton, Maryland

A few years ago, a major wedding publication came out with an article describing what was considered the “wedding tax.” Basically, if you mentioned to a vendor that you were having a “wedding” and not a party, they were going to increase the price solely on the fact that it was a wedding.

Guess what?

It doesn’t apply to us here at Price Rentals & Events.

There is no reason, at any point, for us to charge more for a rental because it’s a wedding. A tent gets installed at the same labor rate whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday party, a fundraiser, or a celebration of life.  The rental rate will not change.

We have gotten quite a few e-mails that begin with “I’m hosting an event..” and it doesn’t specifically tell us what kind of event. This makes it actually harder for us to quote exactly what you might need!

Here are the instances when you should expect to pay more, but are by no means considered additional just because you are having a wedding and not a different type of event:

  1. The rentals can only be installed and dismantled during a specific time frame.  If you need a tent installed on Saturday morning by 6AM, and then the tent needs to come down after the event at 11PM? Yes, we are going to charge differently for that… why? Because the install and dismantle time is outside of our regularly scheduled hours for our crew, and will likely mean that our crew members are going to be working overtime.  Because of the specific time request, this means that all other rentals that we may be doing for that same date have to work around yours.
  2. The install location is harder to get to, further away than we typically allocate for unloading. This may mean that we have to walk a further distance with rentals from the truck, go up a flight of stairs, etc.
  3. You need an attendant during your event (did you know we provide this service? Now you do! If you’re concerned about having a tented event because of weather, we do offer the ability for us to have a crew member on site during your event to help with any unforeseen circumstances like putting up sidewalls, removing sidewalls, assisting with generator power, etc.)
  4. You need something last minute. Our cut-off time is always the Monday before your event at 12PM noon, and not every rental company is that generous! Sometimes their cut-off can be as early as 30 days before an event. But we know things happen! So if you need to add (or remove) something from your order after 12PM on that Monday, we do charge additional fees. This is because the delivery schedule has already been set, the truck may have already been loaded, etc, and we need to spend additional time now on how to add that new item to our schedule.

We LOVE weddings and we WANT TO KNOW that’s the event you are planning! Although we cannot guarantee that this is the same across all vendors, we wanted to reassure our customer base that a “wedding tax” is not the case when it comes to us at Price Rentals & Events.