Sailcloth Tent rental for a Wedding in Easton Maryland
  1. Sustainability

    Our clients are making more of a point to try and be more eco-friendly with their wedding. The most obvious way in rentals is to choose china rentals over plasticware for the tablesetting!

  2. Bespoke Cakes

    Of course, we’re still going to see our fair share of naked cakes… but painted floral cakes? Just check out our Pinterest board here to see the wide variety of painted cakes that are popping up! We’re so excited to see what our clients choose for this upcoming wedding season.

  3. Mixing it up with table designs

    We’ve always been a fan of choosing at least two different style tables (mixing up some of our harvest tables with round, for instance) but this is becoming a popular trend by mixing up serpentine, round, and banquet in fun ways to create a pattern.

  4. Self-serve bar options

    A lot of our 2020 clients are choosing to have a bar service that’s alternative, such as a champagne truck or a mobile bar! There’s a ton of options on how to coordinate this with your reception tent, and we’re super excited at the possibilities (and instagram-worthy photos)!

  5. Wedding attire: revamped!

    Many of our clients are choosing to go non-traditional with their wedding attire, such as deciding on a jumpsuit or even a velvet suit.