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Are you worried you might have too many questions during the rental process? Don’t! That’s why we are here, to help guide you through this rental process!

We have noticed over time there are some common questions that we always get, especially in regards to renting a tent. Here they are, with our answers!

Does the tent rental include labor to install and dismantle?

Yes it does! We have certain rental items that will include the install labor, such as tents, lighting, and farm tables.

Does the tent rental include sidewalls?

All of our rental items are a-la-carte, so sidewalls are not included with the rental of the tent and are considered a separate rental item. We typically DO quote sidewalls on every tent, just so our clients can budget accordingly in case of poor weather and they are necessary.

Do you offer packages?

We’ve found that by offering packages we were limiting the creativity of both ourselves AND our clients, so we decided it was much more fun (and honest) for our rental items to be a-la-carte, so our clients can see the pricing of our individual items as well as the total.

If nothing breaks, is the Damage Waiver refunded?

Our “Damage Waiver” fee is an optional coverage, so it is not refunded.

In the most basic of terms, if our client pays the damage waiver fee as listed, then we as the company waive the right to charge the client for an replacement costs on items that may have been accidentally broken / damaged while in possession of the customer. This DOES include tents and covers windstorm, fire, and even riot!

So, should you pay the DW fee? It all depends on a few factors: Do you have event insurance or will your homeowner’s insurance cover the rentals? If so, what is their deductible?

Let’s say a chair breaks from a rowdy guest. Is the damage waiver fee worth it versus just paying for the replacement cost on the chair? It might be, and it might not be depending on the contract – our damage waiver is always 10% of the rentals.

We recommend really considering the option when you are renting a tent since that would have a much higher replacement cost. Sometimes our DW fee is less than the deductible, so it might benefit the client to purchase it.

Can I put a tent on reserve?

Yes! Any rental item requires a 50% non-refundable retainer to reserve with us. If you decide to cancel the tent since the weather deems it not necessary, then we won’t charge you for anything more than the 50% reservation fee (as long as you cancel 48 hours in advance of the delivery date).

I hope getting to read the most popular questions we get asked helps relieve your worrying! Got more questions than this? Head over to our FAQ page and see if they were already answered! If not, e-mail us and we’ll get right back with you! No question is too silly for us, we promise!