Our wedding clients fall into two different groups most of the time: people who have rented before, and those that have not. This post is for the second group! The process of contracting wedding rentals can seem overwhelming, so this post will relieve some of the stress!

Whether you call, e-mail, submit an inquiry on our website, or pop into our showroom, we know the first thing on your mind is price. However, we need to figure out the aesthetic of your event beforehand. We promise, we aren’t trying to be sly! We could always price out a certain size tent and call it a day. But what if you needed something different? What if you didn’t plan on having a dance floor? What if you wanted a specific table set-up? Then suddenly the “suggested” tent that would work for your guest count doesn’t actually work for you. This is why all of our quotes are customized for YOU.

What questions should I expect?

We are going to ask more questions than you might deem necessary for initial contact, but we’re the type of company that’s going to want to cover all bases ahead of time. Would you rather know that having two bars will cost X amount now or six months down the road?

Here is a sample of the questions we will ask prior to providing a full wedding quote:

  • What date is the wedding?
  • Where is the reception located? Will ceremony also be at this location?
  • What time does the reception start?
  • Do you need to rent a tent?
  • Do you plan on having a DJ or a band?
  • Have you selected your caterer yet? Do you plan on having a buffet or served dinner?
  • Do you want a dance floor?
  • Do you have a preference on table and chairs style?
  • Do you plan on sitting at a sweetheart table or with your entire bridal party?

In addition to these questions, we are going to ask for pictures. Our crew at Price Rentals & Events are HUGE fans of Pinterest — seeing exactly what you have pinned for your ideal wedding helps us understand what’s most important to you and guides us to the aesthetic that you desire.

Once we have the available information from you, we will compile a fully customized quote. Our usual form of interaction at this point is e-mail or in-person meetings. Along with our quote, we also provide a complimentary computer animated drawing of how the items quoted will work underneath the tent (or, if you are having an indoor or al fresco wedding, we will then CAD the design parameters based on location measurements) so that way you can see how everything will work.

What if we want to change something in the quote?

We don’t expect you to see our quote, see our layout, and completely agree. We aren’t mind readers, and we know that you will still have preferences that we’re not aware of. We expect that our initial quote will be able to start a conversation with you so that way, a few interactions down the road, and hopefully a showroom appointment, we have both come to a layout and budget that works for you!

Just recently engaged? Make sure to send us a note so we can get started planning your special day!