Home Sweet Wedding

in Forest Hill, Maryland

Regan and Joe were dream clients for us, we’re not going to lie about that. They knew *exactly* what they wanted in terms of rentals, and they also had decided to get married at Joe’s family home, which if you know anything about us as a company, we absolutely adore home weddings. They are our favorite kind — being able to built your wedding venue on a blank slate is the ultimate challenge for us as a company and it’s one we especially love to do! The property itself was challenging with its rolling hills, but we knew immediately that our 30′ frame tent would be able to 1) fit on the most even and flat area of the property and 2) be exactly what they needed to pull off their intimate wedding for 140 guests.

And guess what? This was a wedding where there was RAIN in the forecast! We have so many people who don’t want to admit they need a rain plan, but Regan and Joe had one, and when the discussion of rain ocurred, Regan was a trooper about the decision to go with “Plan B,” which turned out absolutely stunning. This amazing wedding design underneath a 30′ by 70′ frame tent was what we considered the “Rain Plan,” as we initially had a proposal where the band tent and the dinner tent were separated by an outdoor dance floor an al fresco lighting.

So this goes to show you ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS will allow for an amazing wedding, you just need to prepare yourself for it!

There were just SO MANY photos in the gallery that we couldn’t narrow it down.. so enjoy this overload of photos by the ultra talented Emily Gude.


Location: Forest Hill, Maryland

Date: September 2019

30′ by 70′ Hip Frame Tent
15′ by 15′ High Peak Frame Tent (for band)
Cafe Lighting
Fruitwood Folding Chairs (ceremony)
Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs (reception)
8′ Harvest Tables
Vintage China
Contessa Plates
Copper Moscow Mule Mugs
Champagne Glasses (stemless & flutes)


Emily Gude Photography
Well Crafted Pizza
Bachelor Boys Band



All photos courtesy of Emily Gude Photography

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