Battery Powered Speaker


This battery powered speaker comes with a stand and NEW FOR 2019 has bluetooth capabilities!

Wireless microphone is an additional rental.

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Note: Speaker does NOT need to be plugged in during use. It has an 6-8 hour battery life and has been fully charged prior to the rental.

  1. Remove Speaker from Case and place on Tripod Stand.
  2. Turn speaker on (you will find switch on the side next to the words “Battery Life” and “Power On”)


To use the Bluetooth for music:
At the very top on the back of the speaker you will see a “Bluetooth” logo and then a small “Pairing” button in black. Press this button to have the Bluetooth capability on (it will flash blue) and then you will find the speaker listed as “Anchor Audio V2.2” on your music device. From there, you can power the music through your Bluetooth device and use the volume control on the speaker (please remember to have your volume turned up on your device first!)


To use the Bluetooth microphones:
Just below the main Bluetooth volume for music, you will see one for two microphones. Press the Bluetooth pairing button here and make sure the microphones have their slider turned to “On.” The lights will turn green under “Mic 1” and “Mic 2” once the pairing is complete and it will also turn green on the microphones themselves. It may take a moment. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT IF YOU NEED TO TURN OFF A MICROPHONE IT MAY LOSE PAIRING. TRY TO USE THE “NO SOUND” SYMBOL BUTTON ON THE MICROPHONE INSTEAD TO SILENCE IT IF YOU PLAN ON USING IT MULTIPLE TIMES.


If you have any questions relating to the operation of this system, please call Price Rentals & Events at 443-282-0173 (it will also direct you to the emergency on-call number if you are calling after-hours).