A big trend nowadays is to try to mix the idea of an “al fresco” dining wedding with a tented wedding. Especially in Maryland, we can’t guarantee the weather is going to work in our favor. We’re come up with a fun design where we incorporate an open-air dance floor layout (with the dance floor outside the tent) but to also still have the dining part of the reception under canopy cover.

In this option, we have four separate tents — a 40′ by 80′ pole tent for the main seating, a 20′ by 20′ high peak frame to cover the band, another 20′ by 20′ high peak to cover the bar, and then also a 20′ by 20′ prep tent for the caterer. This style shows seating for 146 guests, but it is quite possible to get up to 160 guests in this layout without compromising on space.


In order to make the multiple tents feel connected, we installed cafe lighting between the two high peak tents for the band and the bar to the main reception tent over a 21′ by 21′ dance floor area. This creates a lighted canopy for cocktail hour (depending on the time of year) as well as lights up the dance floor in the evening after dinner has been served.

This layout (including the prep tent, sidewalls for the prep tent, and a few tables) will average between $7,000 and $8,000 in rentals depending on the style of table, linens, lighting, and chairs chosen. Rentals include the following: