1. Insure your ring!
    If your fiancé didn’t already do this for you, do it NOW! This should be at the top of your priority list. At this time, your ring most likely isn’t properly sized and is at the highest risk of being lost by falling off! You will be spending a LOT of time showing it off in the next few months, so let’s make sure it’s covered. Once that’s done? Make sure it’s sized properly! We know, you will have to be without that beauty for a little while but it will be worth it knowing you can stop wearing that plastic ring guard underneath.
  2. Settle your budget.
    This is most likely going to be the hardest conversation you will have with whomever is bankrolling your wedding, whether it is just you and your fiancé, or if parents and relatives get involved. Knowing your budget and sticking to it will help make every other decision down the road much easier.
  3. Pick a date!
    At the very least, try to narrow down the year and the season you would like to get married in. Most couples are engaged between 12 and 14 months, so people are going to ask. Giving a season and a year will help the awkward “So when are you getting married?” question you are bound to get!
  4. Decide on your venue.
    We don’t mean go out and make your final decision on a property. Do you know if you want to get married inside or outside? Do you want a tented wedding or a ballroom? These preferences will help make the decision process for your ultimate wedding venue much easier down the road, and will ease the search process as well.
  5. Start looking for ideas!
    If you aren’t already signed up, make an account on Pinterest. Subscribe to wedding magazines and online websites such as Wedding Wire or The Knot. And remember, enjoy the process! Don’t panic and think everything has to be done immediately. Relish in the moment of being an engaged couple and go out on dates where you don’t talk about the wedding.