One of the most asked questions that we get is how long is the drop on specific table linen sizes. Let’s examine a 60″ round (one that comfortably seats 8 guests) which is one of our most common dining table rentals.

For a linen to be considered floor-length, it would need be 120″ diameter. The math is simple to make sure that the linen will work: Take 120″ and subtract the width of the table (60″) along with the height on both sides. The average table rental is between 29″ – 30″ tall, so that’s another 60″. So, 120″ – 120″ = 0. This means that a 120″ linen will be an exact fit to be floor-length on a 60″ round table.

There are numerous events that don’t require floor-length linens, so there are other round linen size options available that will work on a 60″ round table. For instance, a 108″ round (which would be floor-length on a 48″ round table) would allow for a 6″ space from the floor. 108″ Linen – 60″ width gives you a remaining amount of linen at 48″, divide that by two (for the height on either side) and you have 24″ length of linen on either side to play with. This means that the linen will only drop 24″ past the edge of the table, allowing a 6″ opening at the floor.

A 96″ round allows for a 18″ drop on either side, so a 12″ opening at the floor.

A 90″ round linen allows for a 15″ drop on either side, so a 15″ opening at the floor. We personally try not to recommend anything shorter than this for a 60″ round, especially if the table is outside due to wind being able to move it around (as the shorter the linen, the less weight it has to stay in place).

What if you have a larger table? Our next common guest table size is a 72″ round, which comfortably seats 10 guests. For a linen to be considered floor-length for this size table, the linen needs to be 132″ round. You can see in the above diagram the variety of lengths that will also work on this tablecloth!

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