Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to reserve an item?
Price Rentals & Events requires 50% down payment at the time of reservation, which is non-refundable. Final payment is due one week in advance of the event.
How early should I book an item?
Depends on the item! However, if you are booking rentals for a wedding — we highly recommend booking early. We typically see clients reserve items between eight months to a year in advance of their wedding date. This way we can provide the highest availability on items that you prefer.

With other rentals, the sooner you know what you need, the better! This way we can give you preferential delivery time.

What is your refund policy?
All payments except for the 50% down payment are refundable. All payments towards inflatables are refundable when weather-related as we will not set up an inflatable during poor weather.
What if I have an emergency with my rental?
We are available after hours at Price Rentals & Events. Please call the store at 443-282-0173 and our answering machine will give you the most current emergency contact to reach at the time of your event.
What is damage waiver?
Damage waiver is an optional coverage that addresses accidental damage towards a rental item. Damage waiver is not insurance. It is 10% of the rental cost.


What are your terms and conditions?
Every client is required to sign our terms and conditions, which is printed on the back of our rental contracts. For an online copy of our terms and conditions, please click here.
What is your delivery fee?

We provide free delivery up to ten miles from our store location for any rental totaling $200.00 or more.

If your rental is under $200 and you are within 10 miles of our store location, we provide a flat $40.00 delivery fee. This includes your pickup as well.

If your rental is over $200 but your location is farther than 10 miles from our store, we charge a local $2.50 per mile roundtrip AFTER the ten mile mark (so if you total 40 miles from our store roundtrip, we will remove the first 20 miles and only charge you $50.00 additional). Non-local delivery locations may vary per mile. 

Why do you have a delivery window?
Try as we might, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time down to the minute. Due to various cirucmstances, we prefer a large delivery window. We understand that some venues and limitations will apply to this, and we will schedule accordingly. We prefer a two hour window for delivery so that way if an emergency arises (such as a truck breaking down, traffic, or other reasons beyond our control) we have time to assess the situation and correct it.
Do you offer design or coordination services?

We are happy to provide consulting on design! Unfortunately Price Rentals & Events is no longer taking day-of coordination service clients, please visit our Preferred Vendors page to see who we recommend.

Can I see full-length linen samples?

Yes! Since linens are a sub-rental item for us from a linen company, we are happy to order in sample linens in your color choice for a linen appointment. We recommend making this appointment once you have decided on your centerpiece and / or floral arrangements, as that way you can bring decor items with you for this meeting.

If you are interested in doing a full linen appointment, please let us know by e-mailing us or calling the showroom. That way we can order specifically what you are interested in and will have them within a week.

If you haven’t decided between colors yet, we always have our swatch book available as well as multiple table linens on display on our show floor for inspiration.

Do you charge extra for CAD drawings?
No! We will never charge for us to create, change, or modify a CAD drawing for your event. We understand that planning your event takes time and things might get rearranged. This is a part of the service Price Rentals & Events will provide you free of cost for any rental you do with us.
Is labor included in tent set-up?
Yes! We will never charge you for additional labor to set up or take-down a tent, unless it is for a specific time issue (i.e.: the tent needs to be set up the morning of your event or the evening the event finishes instead of the day before or day after). This is included in your rental price.

This rule also applies for any lighting we supply under the tent.  All lighting that is ours, we will install in our tents without any additional labor fees.


Will tables and chairs be set-up?

Tables and chairs are one of the few rental items that do not include labor within the rental fee. We are happy to provide this service for you! Tables are $3.00 each and chairs are $1.50 each. This includes set-up as well as breakdown of the items.